Kings and Queens of HARAR

By: Ferhan Idres
I want to present background to all recipient of the list.
1. Amir Haboba is not the first king of harar. There were a lot of kings and  queens before him. The only problem is I don't have a written document and  date of their rule.

2. The number on my list doesn't indicate how many kings/queens we had, it  only shows the number of those who recorded.

3. you may notice date discrepancies. This is because of conversion of dates  which recorded as (AD, GC, EC, Hijria etc.). For example, European or solar  calendar has 365.25 days, Hijria has 354 days. Imagine when our ancestors  convert European date to Hijra or the other way. 365 - 354 = 11 . Therefore  there is probability of loosing 11 day a year and 11,000 day in thousand  years.

4. A lot of useful documents were burned during " EHAPA" for fear of arrest  during "ASESA" from Mengistu government. i.e. we lost a lot of important  document during the needless useless participation of our use at that time.

5. A lot of our documents destroyed by pro Hilesilase(nelatulahi alayh)  hararies during the division between "Chelenqo and Hanolato group" ( Those  hararies who paint their "NADABA" red and "QEH AFAR" the floor) against pro  Hilesilase(nelatulahi alayh)those who paint their "NADABA" Blue/Green. Actually this is the worst damage ever happen to harari documents, since pro Amhara groups new where to find and destroy the documents.

6. The documents smuggled to somalia to preserve them, destroyed during Somalian civil war.

7. The documents smuggled to be preserved to Egypt were hijacked by Egypt historian and made a part of Egypt's history. ( You remember what happen when our people sent " Fathurahman and Mustafa mewlud kitab" to egypt to get printed.). Yes, they claimed it is written by their people.


Kings and Queens of HARAR
Haboba  969-999
AbadirI  999-1013
Omerdin  1013-1025
Nasir  1025-1027
Nesroy  1027-1029
Nasir Bin Jamaludin  1029-1030
Muhuyadin  1030-1057
Abadir II  1057-1058
Abdal (Adal) 1058-1077
Maya Lamar  1077-1096
Tadina  1096-1100
Omer Bin Dinyah Hurr  1100-1170
Yaruwi (haruwi) 1170-1180
Haqudin Bin Omar  1180-1187
Hassen (Hussen) 1187-1192
Abdulahi  1192-1204
Wali-Asma  1204-1281
Baziye  1281-1297
Nesrudin  1297-1302
Mensur Bin Bedewi  1302-1307
Jemaludin  1307-1314
Abit (Sabit) 1314-1316
Zuber  1316-1318
Matatlil  1318-1321
Khayrudin  1321-1326
Faza Ali  1326-1366
Harb Arad  1366-1368
Haqudin Bin Harb  1368-1378
Sabrudin I  1378-1383
Sadudin  1383-1402
Sabrudin Sadudin  1402-1411
Mensur Bin Sadudin  1411-1412
Jemaludin II  1412-1419
Bedlay  1419-1442
Mohameed Bin Badlay  1442-1454
Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Awrie  1454-1464
Shamsudin  1462-1464
Ibrahim Fah Nesrudin  1464-1468
Mohamed Bin Azhar  1468-1498
Mohammed Bin Abubaker  1498-1499
Ibrahim Bin Ahmed  1499-1500
Mafuze  1500-1512
Awsani  1512-1513
Mensur Bin Mohammed  1513-1514
Garad Abong Awsan  1514-1521
Abobekri  1521-1522
Imam Ahmed Ibrahim Al Gazi  1522-1543
(Queen) Dil_Wanbara Abobekri  1543-1557
Nurr Bin Mujahid  1557-1567
Osman Bin Mahfuz  1567-1570
Telha I 1570-1573
Nesrudin Bin Osman  1573-1574
Mohammed Bin Nesrudin  1574-1575
Mensur  1575-1576
Mohammed  1576-1583
Sayudin  1583-1616
Sebro  1616-1640
Sediq  1640-1649
Adem Bin Sidiq  1649-1657
Ahmed  1657-1658
Ali Bin Dawed  1658-1673
Hahim Ali  1673-1681
Telha II  1681-1703
Abdulahi Talha  1703-1732
Kelef  1732-1733
Jamie  1733-1737
Hamo  1737-1747
Yussuf  1747-1756
Ahmed Bin Jamie  1756-1783
Mohammed  1783-1788
Abdushakur  1788-1794
Ahmed Mohammed  1794-1821
Abdurahman Ahmed 1821-1825
Abdulkarim Abdurahman  1825-1834
Abubaker Abdukarim  1834-1852
Ahmed Abubaker  1852-1856
Muhumed Bin Ali  1856-1875
Abdulahi Muhumed  1885-1887

List is provided by Ferhan Idres


1994                       Presidents of Harari National Regional State.

Presidents of the Executive Committee

1993 Gatur
1993. - 1996.                Haji Gotu
1996. - Sep 1999            Abdulahi Idris Ibrahim
Sep 1999 - Sep 2000        Gazali Mohammed
Sep 2000 - Oct 2000        Nuria Abdulahi (f)
Oct 2000 -  3 Oct 2005     Fuad Ibrahim
 3 Oct 2005 -              Murad Abdulhadin    

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