Establishment of Committees

Memphis Harari Community here by establishes the following two committees to effectively serve the community.

1.    Memphis Harari Youth Committee

2.     Memphis Harari Women’s Committee


The establishment of these committees which represent different sectors of our society will strengthen our community and give better service to our members. These committees are established in accordance to the bylaw, Article II and Article XVI of Memphis Harari Community.

Articles From Memphis Harari Community Inc.

Article II – Purpose

1.     To promote the social welfare of its members by developing and fostering cultural and social awareness and more specifically to provide funeral services, as well as financial, material and moral assistance to the family of the deceased member.”



The Executive Committee may appoint various committees for miscellaneous activities and the Executive will be responsible for their actions.”

Memphis Harari Women’s Committee also known as (MHWC)

Memphis Harari Women’s Committee (MHWC) will be responsible to coordinate, organize and facilitate the need of Memphis Harari Women’s in the following area.

1.     Assistance. Facilitate to help regarding women’s issue, such as wedding, loss of family member, pregnancy and any issues that concern women. Give guides, advice and assistance to fellow Harari women in times of need.

2.     Activity. Organize activities for women’s.

3.     Establish relationship between MHWC and other women’s associations in and around Memphis to exchange Ideas and help each other out.

4.     Execute and assist in programs and events delegated by the MHC Executive Committee.


MHWC will have its own Executive with internal procedures, rules and regulation to organize and run the day to day affairs of the committee. The procedures and the law must be approved by MHC Executive Committee and should be in consistence with MHC bylaw.

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